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Conspiracy Rising: Book 1 – Warriors & Watchmen Series

by: Simon Driscoll

ConsiracyRising_FRONT_Cover2FSimon Driscoll has woven prophecies from multiple religions into an engaging, action-packed fictional thriller. Conspiracy Rising traces the lives of the Shumway family, together with a small host of others giving a range of understanding for the End Times Prophecies set in the near future.

Bryan Benson is out for revenge, prepared to turn the tactics of the terrorists who destroyed his life back upon their own heads. Gideon Shumway is a CIA analyst with extensive knowledge of these prophecies and how they affect current politics. His younger brother, Ben, is an operative for the CIA, ready to take the fight to the enemy’s home. Their oldest brother, Jon, has been estranged from the family, but he’s finally coming home for Christmas.

We live in an age when prophecies are being fulfilled. While the conflict between good and evil continues rising, who will be able to stand in that day?

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Cover Photo by: Marc Leatham


 Dani and the Dragon

by: David D. Carroll

Coming of age isn’t easy for a homeless orphan girl. But when Mages, Kings, and Dragons all want to control her destiny, she must uncover her past to find her future. This Young Adult Fantasy Adventure deals with Dani’s search for her place in the magical kingdoms of Puji and Nebo. She learns not only about herself, but about the world around her. She also learns what it means to love, and must choose between two people who each offer a very different future.

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Princess Nenji 2012 Web CoverPrincess Nenji

by: David D. Carroll

Nenji lives a quiet life, but with a longing for adventure. Barely considered royalty, her life is uprooted when the Dragon King sets out to eliminate the threat of the Lorac Family revealed by prophecy. Nenji has to learn quickly about magic, politics, and herself as she takes on the roles of young lady, witch, and queen.
Princess Nenji is a gripping novel. This fantasy story revolves around a young 14 year old girl, mages, royalty, dragons and creatures you never even imagined. This book gives new insights about justice and mercy, coming of age, and the power of a family’s love. It is a quick read, both exciting and refreshing. You will be continually surprised at how the plot unfolds. The author has been called a creative genius, and this book is unlike any other book you have read. Try it out!

Grenya-200Grenya’s Revenge

by: David D. Carroll

Grenya was forced to live in the desert for the past ten years after receiving a disfiguring scar. Now, more than his face has changed, and he’s come back for his revenge. Set in ancient Egypt, this short story is under 2000 words and fits in the furry Fantasy genre. Writing Contest winner, Further Confusion 2005.




by: David D. Carroll

A large beast has taken residence in the Forgotten Forest, killing young women who wander too far in. Zanima, the draconic protector of the forest must put an end to the beast’s rage, but matters of the heart require a delicate touch. She sends an elemental to recruit a Forest Child to heal the wounds of both their hearts.

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