Fruits of the Shadow


  • ISBN: 978-1-936037-98-8
  • Pages: 400
  • Imprint Publisher: Grendelmen Publishing
  • Product Size: 6x9
  • Editor: Patti Hultstrand
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Sariah Khanum was kidnapped before her fifth birthday. Now, more than twenty years later, she has a chance to escape the terrorists who’ve kept her captive. But if she reunites with her family, it will put all their lives at risk. Meanwhile, the world continues its inevitable march into World War III.

Fruits of the Shadow is a thrilling look at the near future prophesied by multiple religions throughout time. This is the sequel to Conspiracy Rising, which shows the real fruits of the conspiracy between the Shadow Council and other agents of the dark. Can anyone truly find peace in the future which is sure to come? Find out by reading Fruits of the Shadow.

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