Warriors & Watchmen World War III Trilogy

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Whether you’re just starting the series or sending a gift to a friend, this is the easiest and most affordable way to get the entire World War III trilogy at once. We all know Jesus Christ is coming again, and signs have been sent to tell us when. Do you know the signs? The Warriors & Watchmen series weaves a thrilling novel around the prophecies which could be fulfilled any day. Read the books. Be Prepared.

Book 1 – Conspiracy Rising

Bryan Benson is out for revenge, prepared to turn the tactics of the terrorists who destroyed his life back upon their own heads.

Book 2 – Fruits of the Shadow

Sariah Khanum was kidnapped before her fifth birthday. Now, more than twenty years later, she has a chance to escape the terrorists who’ve kept her captive. But if she reunites with her family, it will put all their lives at risk.

Book 3 – Seeds of Chaos

America has declared victory! But Russia and China have hidden allies with a secret plot, and the cease fire was only a diversion.


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