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What is a Media Kit?

Every author hopes to be discovered some day. Usually that discovery will come by a member of the media looking to learn more about your books, and hopefully write an article, or schedule an interview. The Media Kit offers members of the media everything they need to know about you and your books.

What is in a Media Kit?

Introduction to your book(s) and/or series – For a single book, this is usually similar to or the same as the back of your book cover.

Selected Excerpts – The first chapter or two of novels, or quotes and small sections from your book to demonstrate what is in it.

Author Bio – This is a brief introduction to you as an author.

Q&A – Questions you WANT an interviewer to ask, and your answers to those questions. Usually 10-15 questions.

Links to the following:

Where to buy; Social Media sites; how to contact you; videos and/or photos related to your book, previous articles written about you and/or your books.


Additional modifications provided at $35/hour

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