Traveler Dani


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Dani’s journey to become a dragon has finally begun, but it means leaving behind the only town she’s ever known, just as she was finding a place for herself within the community. Bixby, the Mage who helped her is still looking for her, but he isn’t the only one. One year ago she was an orphan girl with no past. Now she must hide from those who fear her future if she is to complete her quest to find the crystals of Kaldonia and learn their secrects.

Joining her on this journey is a young man named Mervad, who is also hopeful of becoming a dragon himself. But as Dani begins to develop feelings for Mervad, she learns she may have to choose between being with Mervad and becoming a dragon. Will she find the crystals, fall in love, or be caught by those who are hunting her?

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Patti Hultstrand


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